Setting Up Waveshare e-paper display with Arduino

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E-Paper displays can display your images and text with ultra low power consumption and can even retain the image accurately even under no power for a very long time(Even for years!) with an ultra wide viewing angle that comes with an anti-glare surface.


In this tutorial we will show you how to setup and use the Waveshare 2.9 inch e-Paper display with an Arduino.

First the Hardaware connections make the connections according to the given chart:

/*Uses SPI communication*/
e-Paper UNO
3.3V     3V3
DIN      D11
CLK     D13
CS       D10
DC       D9
RST     D8
BUSY     D7
Now, Download the given zip file into your computer and open the file ePaper_Elementz.ino with Arduino IDE:
Connect the arduino to your computer and upload the program to your Arduino board

The screen first refreshes twice and then displays the logo with the text "DEMO".


296X128 pixels display
Possible for the display to retain the image accurately for a long time (in some cases for years!).
Ultra wide viewing angle
Ultra low power consumption
Landscape and Potrait modes
Hard-coat anti-glare display surface
Ultra low current deep sleep mode
On chip display RAM




Image2LCD Tool:

Source Code:

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