-42% OLED Display 0.96 inch 128*64 resolution


This OLED display unit is based on SSD1306 can self-illuminate, with
high resolution of 128 ∗ 64 and Viewing angle greater than 160 degree.
It is supported by many control chip: Fully compatible with Arduino,
8051 Series, MSP430 Series, STM32 / 2, CSR IC, etc. Ultra-low power
consumption with full screen lit 0.08W and wide voltage range of 3V ∼ 5V
DC. I2C/IIC/Two Wire Interface, need 2 IO only for communication.


• Super High Brightness (Adjustable)
• Super High Contrast (Adjustable)
• Embedded Driver/Controller
• Colors: White
• Drive Duty: 1/64 Duty
• Pixels: 128x64
• Panel Size: 26.70mm x 19.26mm x 1.85mm
• Active Area: 21.74mm x 11.2mm
• Pixel Size: 0.15mm x 0.15mm

Connection Diagram

Sample Codes

AVR Code: https://github.com/elementzonline/OLED_SSD1306/tree/master/OLED_SSD1306_Driver_AVR

Arduino Code:  https://github.com/elementzonline/OLED_SSD1306/tree/master/OLED_SSD1306_Arduino

PIC Code: https://github.com/elementzonline/OLED_SSD1306/tree/master/OLED_SSD1306_Sample_PIC

Bitmap Creator -- MATLAB Code: https://github.com/elementzonline/OLED_SSD1306/tree/master/Bitmap_Creator_MATLAB



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OLED Display 0.96 inch 128*64 resolution

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