-17% GSM/GPRS Shield - SIM900


It is built with a stamp sized Quad Band GSM/GPRS engine - SIM900, works on frequencies  850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz. This shield fits on top of any classic Arduino or compatible, and packs a surprising amount of technology into it's little frame. This module can do just about everything.

The GSM/GPRS Modem is having internal TCP/IP stack to enable you to connect with internet via GPRS. The shield is manufactured with Automatic Pick and place machine to meet the high quality standards. On its own, this shield can't do anything. It requires a microcontroller like an Arduino to drive it! Additionally a SIM Card with cellular connectivity! The shield can be powered either via Arduino or directly over RMC connector. You can grab some stacking headers from our store, if you would like to stack a shield on top.

The shield design is compatible with the older Arduino footprint as well as the new R3 footprint, which means that this shield is totally compatible with most of the Arduino Boards. That includes most popular Uno to the veteran Duemilanove. It also supports 3V3 boards such as Arduino Due, with onboard level shifting buffer gates. The shield can also used with Arduino Mega and Leonardo but the serial communication feature via software pins wont be available for these two boards, still that wont affect the functionality of the shield as they can be communicated over the hardware serial pins.

These shields are manufactured with Automatic Pick and Place Machine for high quality standard. The shield itself is high quality PTH PCB with professionally designed circuitry. The onboard low dropout 3A power supply allows you to connect wide range unregulated power supply (7V-12V), also withstands the peak current draw that occurs during network scanning. The onboard level shifting circuitry is designed using buffer gates for added reliability. We have also considered optional customization as per users convenience, for which the design includes onboard PCB jumpers.


Product Overview:


  • AT command interface
  • SIM900: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Make and receive voice calls
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Send and receive GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Configurable Baud rate (9600-115200, factory default value: 9600)
  • Standard Audio Jack Connectors for external speaker and mic
  • Selectable interface between hardware serial port and software serial port
  • Inbuilt Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack for internet data transfer over GPRS.
  • Level shifting circuitry to make it Arduino-safe
  • SMA Commector with external antenna
  • Indicator LEDs for Power, Netlight and Status
  • Standard Flap type SMA Socket
  • ESD Protection over TVS Zener array
  • Seperate Reset switches for both Arduino and the sheild
  • Slide switch to swap the shield between Arduino and PC
  • Provision to select between hardware and software serial ports
  • Input Voltage: 7V - 12V DC
  • Normal operation temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Current: 60mA @ 9V
  • Dimensions: 69.5x53.5 (MM)

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GSM/GPRS Shield - SIM900

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