-37% Adjustable Robot Chassis

Product Overview

Metallic Chassis, Adjustable with large numbers of perforations, easy to build small robots. Matching motors for this Chassis are: DC Motors of all RPMs Preferable Side Wheels: 7x2(6mm), 7x4 (6mm), 10X2 (6mm) Front Wheels: Castor Wheel. Preferable Batteries can be mounted on the chassis: Lead Acid/Lipo/Lithium Ion Batteries Dimensions Length (mm): 115 Height (mm):45 Width (mm):105 Metal Thickness: 2mm

Product Information

  • Metallic Chassis
  • Adjustable with large numbers of perforations
  • Easy to build small robots.
  • Diameter: 8 inch
  • Pitch: 4.3

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Adjustable Robot Chassis

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